Cinderella Dogs: Overcoming Disabilities

Dog Tales


We realized that an ongoing dialogue is an essential component to revoking change and action is required. One of the most meaningful aspects of being a part of spotify is that we have the platform to make a global impact. As a first step, spotify par cast have committed ten million dollars globally organizations focused on the fight against racism, injustice, inequity, and that drive meaningful change. But this just the beginning. With this pledge and future initiatives we will strive to play a significant role in the fight against discrimination and racial injustice. Thanks for listening. Hollywood nineteen ninety. The shivering, Chihuahua sat against the corner of a ragged Kabul box on Melrose Avenue. Countless people passed by not even noticing his tiny form. He tried to bog for help from the shadows, but he'd lost his voice. He tried to crawl towards the sounds of friendly voices, but his back legs don't work. It seemed like all was lost, but surely bright. Today's lay ahead. Connecticut Two thousand twelve, the sheet sue had spent weeks wondering the streets, and she had the matted furred to prove it. If she had a home to go to her chances of finding. It was slim with her failing eyesight. When animal control finally picked her up the first thing they noticed about the little dog was big smell. It was so overpowering the when she arrived at a local shelter. They called her stinky. Though the world would soon know her by another name. Los, Angeles two thousand ten. That's an outdoor farmer's market. A slightly scrawny Chihuahua dachshund mix puppy was waiting to be adopted. He had two prominent over bite a recess jaw, tiny bird like pause and overall wrinkly appearance. People stopped to look at him, but no one St Long. Some just loved and kept walking. But that was okay. He didn't need the will to love him. He just needed one person. Like the to look counterparts, many dogs have their fair share of bad luck. For some, the lows can be especially loan, lonely and dark. But that can make the trek back towards the light. Their, Cinderella Story. That much more inspiring.

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