Mayfield 'absolutely' will kneel during national anthem


Ends up so the PGA tour is back the NBA we believe is heading back Major League Baseball will be shut down the players throats to get back right and then we have the NFL again having the longest runway to get this thing going but while we're waiting for training camp to start at the end of next month and waiting so for some players to sign contracts we're seeing how so many players specifically so many white players are are joining their brothers in arms in terms of their teammates and fighting for the causes that they believe in and two stars over the weekend had some very interesting responses some of their followers on Twitter both J. J. watt in Houston and Baker Mayfield in Cleveland both of them at one point said you know to a fan you know that the fans and to them that I know that Baker Mayfield will be one of those guys kneeling or J. J. watt will be kneeling during the national anthem and they both said yeah you better believe we are we're going to show support for people who understand and feel like they have been wronged in all of this and they want to bring attention to this and both J. J. watt and Baker Mayfield shut down those Twitter followers that no no no that's not what this is about and we respect what they're going to do yeah and so to be clear and all this in differentiating them Baker's basically said he's absolutely going to Neil yes JJ said you don't speak for me and if you think that kneeling is about disrespecting the flag yes you have been listening so J. J. watt didn't commit to kneeling which it is is something that could sound like a headline but still J. J. watt speaking out about this all would have been one of my more unlikely bets going into this just because J. J. watt is never been a guy that's really straight about half one way or another he's been a guy that's gone out there to play football certainly been very charitable we know others a lot of the things that have been a part of his past and some of the relief efforts he's helped with in Houston but straining out in this way and offering an opinion on this wasn't something I expected from the three time defensive player of the soul again actually what they said was for Baker Mayfield that someone you know posting about in answering a post from a fan on his Instagram about Saturday that pleaded for him not to kneel Mayfield responded pull your head out I absolutely am and in response to a person treating tweeting at JJ watt pretty sure JJ what would not be taking a knee during the national anthem J. J. said if you still think it's about disrespecting the flag or military you clearly haven't been listening that's it

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