Hour 2 - Mark Grace (06-16-20) - burst 08


Games, and and going for the postseason, Sammy was going for the postseason and also going for the home, run record, and and so it, was he? He loved every second of it and and and we we all. We all got into it I. Mean it was a it was it was a big deal? It was a really big deal, but you're right. Sammy was the one always with a smile on various and seemed like Mac whom I've known. Since College! He was at USC when I was at San Diego State and I it just. And he's a good dude and he's A. He's a fun loving guy, but He did he? He did have a bit of a sour attitude about it I would say. Yeah I I just I. Look back on that and I. Remember when mcgwire broke the record Roger Marris's record and word first base. And you congratulated him. which I think opened the door for all of your teammates in the Infield to congratulate him. Did you catch any grief for congratulating Maguire after he home? There was A. Few people you know local diehard Chicago Cup, feeling you know thought it was BS on my part to do it, but I. Just are just hearken back when when I was a kid, and I I I think we all people, our age down all where where I went ahead and Aaron both broke papers reckless, seven fifteen, I remember when he was running the basis I saw Davey Lopes shake his hand after he hit the homer. Out and I and I. That's. Thought. You know what that's all right. You know and then when Mac Daddy. It wasn't so much about you know showing up steep tracks or showing up anybody. We just witnessed history man. You know that that nobody else had ever done a Mac at that time. Yeah. That was pretty cold congratulations. But and if You. Didn't like it. Tough word, you know. He's Mark Grace former. Cub diamondback all star first Baseman, but his greatest mcgwire and Sosa were that year. Barry bonds was at a different level than we've ever seen in the history of the sport, and

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