Officials investigate 2 hanging deaths of black men near Los Angeles, California

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In Southern, California thank you calls for an independent investigation tonight into two separate deaths striking similarities, both men were found hanging from trees, and while neither death has been classified as suspicious families want answers. Here's Miguel Almaguer. The bodies of Robert Fuller in Malcolm harsh were discovered hanging from trees in to public venues ten days and fifty miles apart, though police say, neither death appears to be connected or shows any indication of foul play tonight there shocking deaths are leading to calls for the State Attorney General to investigate. Here one thing that we hear another. We just WanNa know know the. Twenty four year old Robert Fuller's body was discovered hanging from a tree in a park near Palmdale. City Hall the La County. Sheriff's office I saying the scene appeared to be a suicide then today, deferring the official cause of death investigators will now examine the rope, and not to see how it was tied in his our interest to make sure that will leave. No rock unturned. Comes as protesters demanded an independent probe and a homicide investigation. We want truth we want enters. We demand answers now with authorities found Malcolm harsh his body, hanging your local library in homeless encampment in Victorville. They indicated no signs of foul play the cause of death, still pending but harsh. His family says this was not a suicide. Had talked to. You before we had made plans to see each other. The harsh family also noted the current racial tension and protests in this country, adding the death of a black man found hanging from a tree does not sit well or make sense tonight. California's attorney general and the F. B. I. Getting involved looking into the death of two black men, raising questions across the country. Miguel Almaguer NBC News Los

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