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Fifteenth Two Thousand Twenty Welcome back to the CBS sports I on college basketball as where we sometimes discuss camel. And Leaky Black Matte new. Orleans is here with being near is big breaking news this afternoon? The homie Booth Got Aka both GAC AKA botch got has announced transferred from Utah to Minnesota so when I own college basketball legend is headed to the twin cities norlander, your instant, reaction and analysis, please. Of course that is the Minnesota fight, Song. You are hearing. Fade down start this podcast for those soups Twang are wondering. Wait a second. You double, maybe triple. Check your phone. That's right. I on College Basketball Podcast, sometimes leaky black. You know what you can take ownership leaky black I. Want Dibs on booth, gotch, going to Minnesota finally happening I. GotTa Tell Ya. We get this news on a Monday. GPA set in the over under on Richard, Patino, ten year contract extension and thirty six and a half hours for signing booth. What do you got the over the under there? I think in different times. Perhaps I would go. Under, but we are now living in terrible economic reality and I think ten year contract extension Dr Probably thing of the past at least temporarily. Don't underestimate the power influence and dynamism of booth, gotch returning home to Minnesota. He four seven sports. I picked Minnesota because it was the best fit for me. Overall playing in the home state, being with my family during these difficult times and playing with the talented group, coming in Gotcha is going to most likely. Sit Out for next season. He will apply for a waiver. listen. It's booth Gotcha. Anything's possible and I'd love nothing more than to talk with. With you on this podcast sometime later this year and dedicated an entire episode to Gotcha getting immediately eligible, but I don't know if he can pull that ultimately, they'll goodwin here. I mean Minnesota Beats. Out Clayton Iowa State Maryland Auburn for Gotcha Services. He played the past two seasons at Utah, coming off a season where he averaged ten point, seven point, three point, six rebounds, and two point nine assists most notably rose to fame when you and I both failed in about seven different pronunciations unexpectedly as he came up during a December episode of the eye on college basketball podcast, but he has become. Quite beloved in a short period of time legitimately can be a really good player for Minnesota. This is the third transfer. For Richard Pitino in this offseason. They also got western Michigan Transfer. Who will be immediately eligible brandon, Johnson, and then there's A. There's a good freshman guard coming in David Mustaf, who should who's from Turkey who should be pretty good as well? Jamal Mashburn Junior is going to head into the program so I'll tell you this. I mean Daniel to route to me. When he wore Minnesota uniform last season was one of the fifteen best players in college basketball. Booth, gotch can be one of the ten best players in college basketball in Minnesota uniform. You're from now if he so chooses teams also GonNa Bring Back Marks. Car GABE CAL sheer hope I'm getting that right and Trey Williams. Minnesota needs to be better. I think it will be better I don't know if it's GonNa. Be a year from now or two but I had I listen and full transparency. I insisted we do this podcast here. Okay, because it's booth, gotch. Biggest news of the week as far as I'm concerned in college basketball I. Don't see how we top this little question I have for you perish. Is I know Minnesota wasn't in your top twenty, five and one I assume version. What nineteen point I was going to be coming out on Tuesday. I must say what Minnesota from unranked to seventeenth eighteenth. Are you going to hold off even though Gosh might not? Not Be eligible I'm just wondering if there's influence on this roster scout team, and all that stuff might be enough for you to put Richard Patino team into the rankings. Here's what I would say. I I understand your skepticism about booth garage getting a waiver to play immediately at Minnesota, but I would say if Johnny. Jusin got one transferring back home to UCLA. Why wouldn the Homie Gawk get? One, at Minnesota. That's a very valid point. I consider that goofing around When I would, I reached out to people connected to the juicing situation as Joe First, congrats, secondly, how'd you get done so quickly? It wasn't just that choosing got waiver. It was like you got a waiver in like early. June or late, May, I mean it was a really sometimes. He's players waiting for waivers like the seats and started. Started and like they're still I'd nerd anything and to get one done that early. How you get a dog. And what I was told was it's was the easiest waiver request ever. You've got a young man on the other side of the country, wanting to move home to be close to his family during a pandemic. How was it ended up going to deny that one? It's like okay and if you apply that same. Logic to booth Gotcha. SCITUATE I would I would actually assume that he will get a waiver play immediately and to answer your question at that point I got bad news for I you. Look, there's a new favorite. There's a new paper to the big ten. GOPHERS. got.

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