Shootings And Killings Surge In Democrat-Run Cities Across the Country — including Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta


Can we first stop the violence? Because the carnage is out of control. You have six kids age between six and 14. Ah, that have been literally They're all dead. In the last five days, and we're seeing in in all of these cities now level of gun violence and murder, surpassing the deadly Toller. You know, at the same time last year and last year was bad. Chicago 87 shooting 17 fatalities from Thursday evening through Sunday night. 13 of those shooting victims under 14 years old. New York Outta control 11 deaths from gun violence from Friday through Sunday. Philadelphia 31 shooting seven deaths from gun violence Atlanta 23 shootings, including the death of an eight year old little girl killed while riding in a car with her mom. And I happened to pass a roadblock and runs into a mob of protesters. Well, I think we're the only show on TV to report actually show you a video. If you remember Steve Harrigan at the time interviewing guys that had their air fifteens in front of that Wendy's and in Atlanta. Now we have a $1,000,000,000 cut from the NYPD defund the police movements all across the country. Same thing in every big city all of the cities. That we're talking about have been run by liberal Democrats for decades, the same with most of the states. It is the same thing. It is a you. This is the results. You know, Now we put handcuffs. We we under Biden and Barack. We put handcuffs on our military. Now we're putting handcuffs on the police literally. And they're retiring in huge numbers. Now they're being defunded. So I guess they're going to get fired or laid off, paid off. Whatever it happens to be. You think Georgia governor rightly declaring a state of emergency down there? The Atlanta mayor's facing criticism over the early handling of the protest site, just like the mayor in Seattle. There's this summer of love zone. In New York. You've got an editorial Mayor de Blasio do something. About the deaths on our streets. 500 plus 1000 people now have left New York City. And it's only that it's only the beginning of what will be a much larger trend out of thes blue states blue cities that have been run into the ground with burdensome bureaucracy, high taxes. Terrific governance. You know, Unbelievable. Of the NYPD commissioner, blaming the shootings on police reforms gone to part you think Chicago pastor react in this weekend to the death of this innocent seven year old girl and and literally saying on Fox and friends that you know this poor girl was killed outside. Of her grandmother's house, playing them in the backyard on the fourth of July. Well, if you want to talk about Pursuit of happiness. If you want to talk about the first have tohave simple, basic, fundamental government working towards safety and security. Of every American citizen. In every state and every city from sea to shining sea. It's not that

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