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Oakville, The Northwest's on Ly 24 hour news station. Cohen, whose time is now 12 new Now. Here's the latest from ABC from ABC News. I'm Dave Packard in Florida. See youse at capacity, the state one of several in the South and West struggling to handle the onslaught of covert 19 patients. Florida governor Rhonda Santa says he's focused on getting the antiviral medication rendez severe for those supper during a briefing at Blake Medical Center in Bradenton Saturday. Descent is said Rendez severe, is coming soon as more patients. Bring from covert 19 require medical care. We were scheduled to get some more later in the month. But there was a need to be able to expedite that. So I worked with the vice president and I worked with a secretary A czar to get that expedited from death Severe is used in the treatment of covert 19 as health officials say it may shorten recovery time. Mark Millar, ABC NEWS president Trump In an interview with No TCS Telemundo says he thinks we're winning the war against Koba, 19 flared up in areas where they thought it was ending. And that would be Florida, Texas, a couple of other places. And they're going to have it under control very quickly. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi today saying Congress should take action to limit the president's pardoned powers. This after President Trump late Friday commuted the sentence of Roger Stone. President's longtime friend and self proclaimed dirty trickster, avoiding prison time. Just days before he was to start a sentence. A bee sees Rina Roy president Trump commuting stone sentence after many speculated for months he do just that to help out his friend and confidante. He said that he had thought about it. He

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