Trump threatens school funding, demands new CDC guidelines amid reopening battle

NBC Meet the Press


The president wearing a mask in public for the first time at Walter. Reed on Saturday faces a leadership crisis of his own making with new use cases spiking more than seventy, one, thousand on Friday and daily death tolls in Arizona, South Carolina and Texas up by more than one hundred percent in the past month. The worst is yet to come. Come as we work our way through that massive increase and people testing positive Mr. trump is at odds with his top infectious disease expert on the trajectory of the virus. The current state is really not good. We are still knee deep in the first wave of this Dr Out. She's a nice man, but he's made a Lotta mistakes of the federal response as a country. When you compare us to other countries I don't think you can say we're doing great. We're just not is the united. States losing the war against Kofi, no, we're winning the war and we have areas that flamed up and they're going to be. Fine over a period of time, and on the death, rate or mortality rate is right now at a level that. People, don't talk about, but it's down ten fold ten fold. It's a false narrative to take comfort in in a lower rate of death and president. Trump is threatening to make the already difficult debate over school reopenings, his latest front of the culture wars after the CDC published new guidelines Mr. trump called them very tough and expensive within hours. The prison said today. We don't want the guidance to be too tough. and. That's the reason why next week. CDC's going to be issuing a new set of tools. The president warned may cut off funding if not open pointing to democratic governors. They don't want to open because they think it will help them on November third. I think it's GonNa hurt them on November third. Open your schools I don't see how we do anything, but remote education of the federal government doesn't step in now with less than four months until the presidential election. Mr Trump finds himself under siege. To conservative justices he appointed, joined the Supreme Court majority to dismiss his claim to absolute immunity from investigators, seeking his tax returns is a political witch. The likes of which nobody's ever seen before a tell all book by his niece hits bookstores this week near reaction to Mary. Trump's books and many republicans worry as political standing will hurt the party down the ballot in November late on Friday. Perhaps looking to his post-presidency, MR trump commuted the sentence of his longtime friend campaign advisor Roger Stone who was convicted of lying to Congress, witness, tampering and obstruction all to protect the president, and the president has saved my life, and he's giving me the opportunity to fight for vindication.

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