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Kind of cultural capital of sesame street. How important it is so many people that blueprints that were built that we're drawing in the art office and sending to the construction shop where something that we really wanted to be considerate of historically, and so we were hand drafting the hero buildings of sesame street the BROWNSTONE THE CARRIAGE HOUSE MR Hooper Store Secondary Buildings we were doing. We were drawing on computer, but there was something tangible about it so that we were finding the kinds of people who certain draft men are better at hand drying and we were having them work on the classic Sesame Street buildings, because they put a little heart into those elements that kind of thing so. You know all of those departments from set decoration to props to to Construction you you kind of start to? Figure out in whatever city you're working in. Who's who feels good with what elements and then user to kind of build a language of medication, but those people is it fair to say that the production any sort of makes everything that's physical and the senior everything that you see in a in a movie because I think part of the roles that she said there, you know I'm familiar with a lot Of them, but for a lot of people out there especially if they're coming from the camera department or the on the Super Indy level, you know the draftsmen, the here had seen the here. These kinds of terms and they're like I.

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