The Brain Science of Enlightenment


Guys today we're GonNa hurt out about what enlightenment or if that word is triggering to you just think of it. As high doses of meditation can do to your brain and more practically how we can derive these benefits. Even if we don't plan to spend decades living in a cave, my guest is Rick Hansen PhD. He's a psychologist and he's the author of a new book. Called Neuro Dharma. We go way into the deep end here for sure, but we are also very down to Earth this discussion. Talking about how anyone including you can reverse engineer enlightenment. That's his term another term that he uses that. Hey, like is that we can. We can have nirvana operationalized in our nervous system. Quick note that this was recorded before the pandemic, but I'm of the view that enlightenment is Evergreen so here. We go with Rick Hansen. The kind of dirty little secret in the growth world is that most positive most beneficial experiences people have useful enjoyable home. Leave no lasting value behind while due to the negativity bias in the brain, negative experiences tend to get lodge. Tried into us, so I've had A. Long standing interest in what could be called taking in the good i. think of it as a really the fundamental process of social emotional learning, and getting more skillful ourselves in helping the experiences were having really land inside based on some understanding of how the nervous system is most effectively changed for the better, and how that boils down in concrete terms, a lot is just stay with the experience for a brother longer rather than channel surfing to onto the next shiny object I. Point So, if you're having a moment where you feel strong or determined or relieved or close to another person. person or you realize how to be more effective with your teenager whatever it might be. Maybe there's a sense of inner peace. Maybe this a sense of self worth. Maybe just enjoy putting your cat in your lap. Stay with it for a breath or longer, so that in the famous saying neurons that fire together wire together so the longer you keep them firing, the more they're gonNA tend to be wiring. Feel it in your whole body second. You know the more the richer the experiences that were embodied it is the more gonNA tend to leave a trace behind, and then also another. Yeezy. Good simple private autonomous thing to do is to focus on what's rewarding about it. Let's enjoyable. What's meaningful about this experience? There are different things that happened in the hardware that occur when you do these practices that increase the conversion of the experience to a lasting change of neural structure or function, and for example when you focus on what's rewarding about it, that increases the activity of dopamine and Norepinephrine in your hippocampus there two of them technically, but people speak of them in the singular, so you have a hippocampus and the pattern of activation, the moment that underlies the experience you're having of. Let's say self, worth or determination or commitment or inner peace The experience they were having the time. If there's increased dopamine in Europe in an activity in the hippocampus at the time based on focusing on what's rewarding enjoyable about it well, the pattern of activation at the time is flagged for prioritization and protection, and during consolidation into long term storage. That's kind of a long way of pudding that if you stay with the sense of enjoying an experience, it's going to more efficiently. Turn into a lasting change in your body. It's going to be more hard wired into your nervous system. So I'm. Reaching for in my own life, and thinking about how I could operationalize this. I love my four year olds probably by the time this goes F. B. Five and I. More than probably will still love him, and snuggling with him feels really good. Yeah for him to yeah well I. Hope Sometimes I feel like coursing and but So that feeling if I can be with it and really take it in all of it in my body, and my mind than that is. It's registering a more lasting way and my nervous system, which then may make me a more warm men, affectionate person generally going forward

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