What would an SEC only schedule look like?


I give you my theory as to why I think they announced now? Because I think they've got to put this schedule together. So I think now the hard work Big 12 sec have to do that, too, though. Yeah, but again, they might be willing to wait a little bit longer for the Big 12. If her jammies you got nine teams are 10 teams. You have to figure out a schedule with nine and then maybe you have a team that plays another squad twice or As Pete brought up, Notre Dame has a hole in its schedule, or you have a team that you're still going to try to play. You have the buzz about Oklahoma, petitioning the city to try toe push its opener up against Missouri State a week. The reason behind that play a game have week off, Get testing. See what it looks like. Play another game, have another week off to see the testing to see if it's gonna work. That's The theory, at least in principle

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