Fatal Affair Is Obsessed With Insert Shots


Affair on Netflix With that all about Well, fatal affair. You might not be able to figure this out from the title. But what happens is there's an affair, and then it gives almost fatal of. It's not a good idea so nothing like fatal attraction. So this star's Nia Long who we Love and Omar Epps, and they knew each other in college, and you always had a crush on her. 20 years later, they hook up in a bar, but she's married. She says. This is a bad idea. You gotta leave me alone. But he has other ideas Row he thinks they're destined to be together. And then we kick off the classic stalker movie except for is not a classic stalker movie. This is what they call a Netflix original because it's an original movie on Netflix. On Lee, 50% of that statement is accurate. It is on Netflix. There is nothing original about this movie. We've seen it a 1,000,000 times before. I was hoping it would be like a guilty pleasure where you could, like hurl your kernels of popcorn at the screen because everybody has to act like an idiot in order for the plot to continue. But even the actors look like they're bored. Halfway through this, it's terrible, fatal affair. And that would be 1.5 stars for fetal affair, which is nothing fatal attraction other than even the poster for it looks exactly like the poster for fatal attraction, which, by the way, if people haven't seen it, that's a 1987 film. Watch that instead Okay. Look good. Fine. I'd like to know that there are things I don't have to watch. I feel very great pressure when I'm going through Netflix and Julia and all the rest of it. I'm looking for stuff to watch and think. Well, maybe I should. Maybe it is the argument I had with myself on almost every thumbnail that I stop. Or that now stops on itself and that by the way, I got it. I just want to say one thing about Netflix. I don't really want to see a scene when I'm just on the thumbnail. I don't don't like it when it does. I don't want to see a scene now asked for the scene. And the volume Super out if it's like an action movie it like you fall out of your chair. Yeah, like that. All add for the stereo. You know where the guy was in the chair like this wasn't blown back. Yeah, I agree with you. I've met they accept doing that. Netflix who we see about that.

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