Gaming Fixx LOTR 071520 Ep#34 Unsatisfying endings - burst 14


I love how brutal he of the global show is is pretty crazy. I love the high magic. I love I really really liked the show. Because I love I love Max, and there's like a little tiny bit of Max in There's a little tiny bit of Mex- in in Magical antioxidants, but not anywhere near me as there aren't accelerator accelerators like a mix says pretty. How many seasons of magical index are there now? Unless they redid them, there were six. Okay, still. I'm to behind that because I. don't remember Max in the show. When I watched, it only went up forcing and then I got to say I'm really excited because I found a Mrs like you know how I got my game honor. You know just nerd things I love absolutely love on. CAPER movies and Caper show so I was pretty excited to find out that Amazon has a BBC called Hustler and it saw like nine season's six episodes each season and It's been really really good. I've been really enjoying and fun. All right. I'll like so this is theft, light, regulatory stuff, or do nodes not deft its cons at Scriptures Elliott scripture. Stop Okay, WHO's in it? You know what it's all on unknowns to me. Are All really known in Britain, but none of them like strike me. Okay those knowing that Guy's states not like you know some like you lower your. Oh of course not like I, used to watch a lot of a British TV, though like though this was a long, although ago in a misfits was running h. had ellen regular. Who Plays Ramsey on game of thrones. It's been a while since I've been watching British television. Quite a few years last thing I really got into I. Think was Luther Luther yet. But that was a while ago to I. Don't watch too many shows these days. That's cool. I used to watch quite a bit of the British television back in ninety. Early, two thousand

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