Report: Details of MLB's latest season proposal to players revealed


Of minutes Patrick Saunders good friend gather does a great job covering Major League Baseball in particular covering the Rockies for the Denver post is gonna join us and hopefully can bring some clarification to the latest proposal from Major League Baseball morning Patrick it's Dave Rick and Kathy how are you hi Gail I'm doing okay yeah gave all try to help you out here I I just got back from Los sold today I'm at you know up and of course like you I just saw the latest proposal program now being that I think I've got it sorted out in what's become a very convoluted story yeah getting seemingly worse by the day so that so that the the the owners Rick read the story earlier the owners have submitted back their proposal to the players which now includes a seventy five game schedule for seventy five percent in how I read this was you you would agree to play seventy five games whatever you would make in those seventy five games based on your per game play the what the owners would be willing to pay you seventy five percent of that total is that right correct that's that's what I'm reading as well however the problem here isn't one of the bushes from what I can tell people I've talked to if there's no postseason right then that goes to fifty percent and with the threat of the corona virus still out there layers are worried that the seventy five percent would drop down to only fifty percent should there be no postseason so it gets a little convoluted as to you know how rock solid this proposal by the owners as well just say this the other summer stock Dave about the money in a in a get that but people also have to understand this is about how to right it's about the owners and the players and they always have a baseball battling for power and that is one of the things that is going on behind the scenes yep you can talk a lot about the difference in money and and what the players would get per game you know what the owners are proposing a lot of this is a power struggle as well yeah I just read the tweet that I think kind of offers a an interesting explanation let me read it to you it said MLB's first offered to the union this is back in March included about one billion dollars in regular season mind you and a new and another two hundred million in the postseason the new Whopper basically doubles the amount of postseason money to more than four hundred million dollars however it will be a point should could potential of losing money if there is no post season so that's one of the factors going

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