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Philadelphia woman drags basketball hoop around city during protests


Desk in Philadelphia woman has been hitting the city streets this week trying to ease the tension between police and protesters now she'll be out there again today and you'll know where if you see here as we hear from cable to use enter Kramer she'll have something with her that you can't miss the find your your Blitzer has been playing basketball virtually her whole life and after seeing all that riding last week in Philadelphia she figured it would be a good idea to share her passion with others I decided that I would be taking my group to go three respond street and try to bring people together the one way that I don't know how to which is the basketball literally hurt her friends have been dragging that hoop all over town and encourage people to play with them whenever they stop including officers and protesters she admits she wasn't sure how people would react especially the police but it ended up being really really on their end and then also on the protester and most people just joined in and started like walking with us or if they are playing with us we put the videos to find his journey on cable W. newsradio dot com including a one on one match he had with a cop we're not going to tell you one though you'll have to go to our

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