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On the Table Gaming Episode 79: Teemu and Mika, Campaign Gaming and ASOIAF TMG


About board games card games and tables uproar games. I welcome back to the table. Gaming episode seventy nine and I'm joined by Tamer from twenty-five years of Minnie's counting the blog you may remember him from actually episode sixty one when he came on and talked about the other faction and Meka who actually helps out with the tabletop simulator. Update but here to talk today about a very different subject so first off tomorrow and Meka thanks for coming on. Thanks for having we're having. Yeah so I'm excited that you guys have been involved in a lot of things in the song of ice and fire community and today we're GONNA be talking about campaign gaming and before we do that. So there is a mini campaign out for a song of ice and fire. The miniatures official one called I and battle and it's got the little little moniker of a mini campaign and it kind of is played a a series of games played at an increasing point value. And your characters can. Units can gain levels That's a mini campaign though so for people who may be jumping into gaming and have never played wargames before have a very shallow background. They're kind new to all of this full. What what's different from regular game play like you know your competitive tournament play or even that first and battle mini campaign and just like campaign gaming in general. What is campaign gaming? Well that's a big question but let's let's try to tackle that one I typically play campaigns. We have a very good club. Here in Helsinki and many of us are organizing them. And what what I like about it. I guess that also defines a good campaign it that it creates a narrative and and sust. You're just not playing like pickup game on a random random basis but you actually may be have shaggy. You might have a map in your campaign which is interacting with the actual battles you play with miniatures and and and you can Built your empire you know overseas thinks you might be familiar from from computer gains gear games but but totally transferable to two miniature wargame gaming and so Meka hyper focused on competitive. Play and to be honest. It's been a. It's been a while since we've done a song of ice and fire like state of the game poll but in the pass our polls consistently showed that the vast majority of people who play a song of ice and fire. They're not tournament players so for those that are playing in a more casual setting..

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