Daily Wire Backstage: Memorial Day Edition - burst 06


Of death. So could look a lot like Eric Garner. Whatever it is I mean. Obviously moral of the story don't sit on the dudes neck for you jackass yet. You feel like that's not something that you do again. The the rush to everybody virtue signal that we have to all suggest that this is racism and indicative of broader American racism. And last week there was another one of these cases. Where you saw these two guys who work for Fedex. But at a story suggesting there was a white homeowner who came out and was was racially profiling them and yelling at them and nothing from the video actually showed the white homeowner being racist. And this trying to number one people saying we should boycott Fedex after these guys got fired and now today. There's another story like this where they're these black guys who posted a photo a video of a guy in Minnesota who apparently was asking them to leave. What is a private

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