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The officer that killed George Floyd not in jail right now


A toll on businesses and workers aerospace giant Boeing laying off more than sixty seven hundred employees Wednesday Marriott international citing fallout from the pandemic as it warns of a significant number of layoffs later this year other businesses banding together to raise awareness lights going dark briefly in Times Square to symbolize what organizers say is the effect of insurers denying businesses coverage for corona virus related losses I read Binion South Korea has reported its biggest jump in corona virus cases in more than fifty days health officials say the resurgence is getting harder to track I'm John trout protesters in Minneapolis are in a standoff with police after a man's death in police custody mayor Jacob price calling for criminal charges against the officer who pinned George Floyd to the ground with his knee I've been asking myself that a core underlying question why is the officer that that killed George Floyd not in jail right now and I can't answer that question president trump says both the DOJ and the FBI are investigating the launch of a space X. rocket with two NASA astronauts on a history making flight into orbit was called off yesterday liftoff rescheduled for Saturday alleging the company violated their state's consumer fraud act Arizona's Attorney General has filed a lawsuit accusing Google of misleading customers into thinking their location isn't being tracked I'm John

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