Trump faces criticism from former and current defense secretaries


General James Mattis the former secretary of defense under president trump was blunt to say the least when he released his rebuke of the president yesterday evening he noted the similarities in **** tactics in Normandy to what he believes the president is trying to do nationwide during these George Floyd protest reporting on this in the Washington post is down the month who joins us on the commode whose identity afternoon good afternoon secretary Mattis had been pretty quiet about the president ever since he resigned in twenty eighteen was this an unexpected rebuke from him or had even hinting at something coming out against the president in an election year R. I think Mattis really did want to go away and and remain quiet as relates to this and any taken a beating I'm kind of in the political sphere in Washington for it I think would really change change the dynamics here was Maddox's believes that the military was being used as something of a political club partly with threats and partly with what we saw play out in the square just outside the White House on Monday where protesters were pushed away with non lethal weapons for the president's photo opportunity at the church and as a part of that group you have the chairman of the joint chiefs general not only in the current secretary of defense making that walk from the White House over so you've got this dynamic in this be topics where the military looks like it's okay with the way that played out the from the fallout standpoint yeah politically it it might not be an easy go for him but what about from current and former military leaders are they coming out with their own criticisms as well it's certainly not universal but but yes we that there've been quite a few others who have spoken up by general Tony Thomas come to mind thank you in special operations before retiring former chairman of the joint chiefs Mike Mullen with a four star navy admiral he spoke up and and since then you know what we're starting to hear more I I think one thing that that matter speaking up sensually yields that others who have been holding their tongue also start speaking up

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