In twenty seventeen politico declared antifa a domestic terrorist organization


In his speech today which some called the most coherent he's been in the last six months we did have a teleprompter and he did have the I. V. as you're being fed words to say and who knows if they pumped him up on Prewitt Jen or something to get go below book so they could be lucid for two minutes making the speech Joe Biden when it comes to saying things like it's the economic injustice that black people face in America that's the real problem the root of all of this inequity in nineteen seventy five Joe Biden famously said I'll be damned if I'm going to give money to people whose ancestors were agree three hundred years ago when I had nothing to do with it personally I agree with that Joe Biden that Joe Biden from forty five years ago not the Joe Biden of now hoot and and I don't know if he even knows who he is now but the matter is most of my family we're even in this country when slavery was still going on end of my white skin does not mean that I have pressed anybody simply be by being genetically linked to Caucasians or cook cage malady is that a word I don't know I made it up I'm a grammarian put to the point of the matter is my father's great grandfather or or or grandfather came to this country in the late eighteen hundreds slavery door been about we'd fought a brutal bloody civil war in this country to end slavery in the economic battle between north and south the industrial north in the aggregator in South we don't he done that we'd righted that wrong when my ancestors on both sides my mother and my father's side so hello Michael Buble and how do I owe anyone of color any money simply because I'm white I don't third Bob Johnson is the president of B. E. T. yesterday I I kind of brought this up saying that the real problem is

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