New York City looting persists despite curfew, with Macy's among stores hit


Well we are in the epicenter yes we are of right at central so many different ways we'll get we'll get right into it there's so many different aspects but remember we posted yesterday on Kurdish and Juliet Facebook page the picture of Macy's in Herald square completely boarded up plywood on every square inch bolted in because Macy's which is the jewel in the crown of retail establishments it's the largest retail department store in the world new the table going to be hit knew that this would be a notch in the belt of looters and the NYPD obviously did not take the hands from Macy's that we took here in knowing that they were going to be hit and hit hard and you saw it you can look at Curtis and Juliet hundreds of young people pouring in after the group had taken a crowbar share ball peen hammers that bolt lock cutters and found their way through the plywood busted the windows out and then started charging in and looting and it's interesting because Macy's which no one was coming I did not use their old school methods that would have prevented this and I'll explain it to momentarily but Macy's you have to understand even though there are a lot of items in there that a lot of young people might not want that though if you could hit Macy's and you could be seen going in there and pillaging and walking out with a lot of loot wow that's like top shelf five store the only one other than that was Nike town that's where I was last night which was down on spring and Broadway and by the way why am I losing wasn't the one of the marketing ploys of ninety when they signed up Colin Kaepernick after he was removed from the NFL they had a special customized signal for a signature sneaker for him which sold massive amounts we join the resistance this from enjoying the resistance and you're the hand up now you would have thought Nike would have been a hit hit hard because let's face it we're talking apparel now we're not talking about politics Lucia looking for stuff maybe they can use personally or they can sell out in the streets and yet ninety town way off the air in are again knew that they would be hit and they had twenty two African American men all dressed in black with black cats that said security so they look somewhat like the looters the more organized looters who wore black hoodies and had like black pants and black shoes what was the overall demographic of the looters mostly black mostly young male some female some Hispanic some whites but totally different than what you saw earlier in the day from the demonstrators you because younger would they be considered like anti fascist antifa where are they now after six o'clock is when the looting started so that's why when Cuomo and de Blasio now seo we'll have a curfew at eight it's not you Hey idiots the looting started six yesterday LA which is already been devastated by looting they have a curfew that started for them a little bit more hip to understand that a curfew means if you're out in the streets and you cannot prove why you're out in the streets like you know I'm essential worker or war I'm trying to find a you know a pharmacy that I can get this prescription fill okay that's legitimate but if you have no reason you're out in the streets you get arrested and they weren't doing that last night after eleven no if you but I mean I had to say when I was looking at when we were talking about this yesterday and I was looking at the the plywood and I'm thinking that it's not going to do much when you've got hordes of people who are bent on breaking into a store and you have very little police presence and a police presence got there but I don't well I I will you said something interesting earlier before we started you said it's we've got to start looking at the Upper West Side and Upper East Side at this point because it's a it does seem like they're starting from the bottom and they're heading up sure they start to remember down on Canal Street that was the first night canal to house in St so they hit so whole no ho they knock that out then he started moving north to fourteenth street Union Square that whole area which is now a huge enclave of storage then you saw last night boy they went for the canal the canal it means five locations so they hit downtown again so whole no home they had fourteenth street Union Square they hit our house right here thirty fourth street starting with Macy's and all the surrounding stores then the rampage to Times Square did a lot of damage and then they went up to Rockefeller Center so they're just about to fifty seven street and they pushing north doesn't mean they're not going to come back down tonight and try to pick the bones of what's left

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