After Lady Gaga & Ariana Grandes Rain On Me, Which Other Superstars Still Need to Team Up?

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Hey everybody an welcome to the billboard. Pop Shop podcast. I'm Keith Caufield. Senior Director of Charts Billboard and. I'm Jason. Let's shots senior director of music at billboard. Our you Jason Good. I forgot my title for a second. So you know that that happens but I'm the senior director of music. Let's rock and roll well as always the billboard. Pop Shop podcast. Is Your one stop shop for all things? Pop and discussion of our titles on Billboard's weekly charts. In addition you can always count on a lively discussion. About the latest Pop News Fund Charts Stats and stories new music and guest interviews with Music Stars and folks from the world of pop today on the show. We've got chart news about how Megan. The stallion savage featuring beyond say jumps to number one on the billboard. Hot One hundred songs chart or should I say Gallup's to number one while future clocks his seventh number one album on the billboard. Two hundred chart with high off life in addition. We'll be discussing lady Gaga an Ariana Grande as new single rain on me and why certain superstar pairings like Gaga and Ari breakthrough and make a lot of noise and keep an eye will play fantasy collaboration where we pitch our ideas on what future team ups. We'd like to see that we haven't that hasn't happened yet so it's like fantasy fantasy football so I'm making sports related. Thanks Man Before we get started. Of course if you enjoy the podcast subscribe to the show on your favorite podcasts providers so you never miss an episode. And if you want to explore more podcasts from billboard visit dot com slash podcasts. That is plural alrighty. Let's do the chart chat I up on the billboard hot one hundred songs chart for the fourth straight week in a row. We've got a brand new number. One Single. As Megan the stallion savage featuring beyond say jumps from number five to number one how the track added beyond say to a new remix a few weeks ago and the song has seen great returns ever since it just had to wait a moment until it had its chance at number one is the first number one were. Megan congrats to her and the seventh number one for beyond say Who lasted number one with another collaboration if you recall when she similarly assisted another song well after it's released when she hopped on Ed Sheeran's perfect? That song hit number one. In December twenty seventeen savage replaces day and Justin bieber's charity single stuck with you which debuted at number one a week ago That song actually falls to number thirteen this week before that DOJ cats is say-so between the montage lead for a week. And then a week before that. The Scots from the Scots Travis. Scott and kid cudi's ruled for one week so that is the fourth week in a row. Where a collaboration hit number one and that comes after thirty two straight weeks or the number one song was by a Solo Act. So when it rains it pours. I'm could we see another collaboration takeover next week number one? Well time will tell if lady Gaga Ariana Grande as new rain on me. We'll debut atop tally so stay tuned to billboard DOT COM. We have a lot more up on coming up on rain on me before that elsewhere on the new hot one hundred in terms of new pop singles. Jonas brothers new single x featuring carol. Gb's at number thirty three. I really like that song a while. Katy Perry's daisies debuts at number forty and that is the first single from her next album which we discussed last week I was GonNa ask you what you thought of the show Bro. Carol G Song I like it. I think it is Kinda cute to considering. They had to do it in lockdown but they may do pretty well considering the circumstances. Yeah just just really quickly I. I think that I've been impressed by how the Jonas Brothers Post happiness begin. Singles have not been phoned in at all. Like what a man's gotTa do and And now ex have had actually sounded really top notch from them so they're just kind of continuing that that positive momentum from last year. Yeah it's it's it's pretty great. I'm all I'm all in for it. I'm I'm all for it next step over on the billboard. Two hundred albums chart future scores his seventh number one album seven number ones. Jeez as high off life bows top. The list with one hundred fifty three thousand equivalent album units in the US earned in the weekend. Dean May twenty-first according to Nielsen Music. M R. C. Data. Now that's futures biggest week in terms of units earned for any of his solo had drake collaboration. Once that was obviously a lot bigger but still for for for a solo album. It's his biggest week. So congrats to future most of high off life starting some was actually driven by streaming tippety with sixteen thousand of its first week coming from album sales and those sales were largely driven by merchandise album. Bundles sold via futures web store. And also some signed albums that he was selling through the same store and unlike last week's number one album Now's good intentions. Which we talked about on last week's show which had one hundred merch bundles. Helping its first week. Future only had a handful relative handful. Just seventeen helping his first week so congrats to future and next week. It actually looks like another rap. Album could lead the list At least in terms of early forecasting it looks like Ghana's new album WANNA might start atop the list and if it does start at number one it would mark gunness first number one album. Would you call that a number one for Ghana a WANNA GONNA a one hundred WANNA on never mind? Oh boy. I like that album a great deal. Well let's talk about rain on me. Man. It came out last. Friday may twenty second one week ahead of the release of Gaga Matica? And I can't love it more. I love this song. I tweeted yesterday that I listened to it three times when I was on a jog. It gave me a lot of you know a lot of inspiration. What do you feel about rain on does it? Did it give you life where you screaming? Ask the top of your lungs as you were jogging. I mean internally I was for sure I you know I'm I'm all in on a dance pop Kaga you know and and I again as we talked about repeatedly on the show this year like the fact that dance pop and disco. Pop is making this return it. I think it's awesome and I think I think people are are rightfully excited by new Gaga

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