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At Least 2 Officers Injured In Los Angeles When Protests Over George Floyd Death Turn Violent


At least two LAPD officers one of getting hurt during last night's clashes with protesters officials say one of them suffered a head injury nothing came away with a broken hand but they are both expected to make full recoveries local businesses in downtown LA have been looted as police tried to break up those crowds demonstrating against police brutality K. next Lister in downtown LA resident Robert told can access all the Starbucks on six street between Broadway mainstreet being vandalized you know I I thought a police officer being sort of carried back away I think you got hit by a bottle I'm not exactly sure what hit on Hey it's getting you know it's getting a little crazy down here it's it's turned from sort of peaceful protests to violent protests video from the scene showed a line of officers in riot gear moving south with demonstrators sometimes stopping to hide behind the eagles to throw objects at officers Delhi police beat hundreds of arrests mayor Eric Garcetti spoke with KNX about the violent clashes saying it's very unfortunate that what was meant to be a peaceful protest against unjustified police killings one of being taken off track by troublemakers I would hope that those who can help us continue to be on the streets and organized peaceful protest and show the face of America that we won't allow somebody to be murdered in cold blood like this I don't have the message taken away from them by folks there continue to be on the street and just want to cause violence or disrupt that certainly is not the way we respect somebody like George Floyd who gave his life somebody who we need to make sure his family reaches justice and whether it's him or we celebrate until her mother in Louisville when seven people were shot by police in Louisville she was very strong she said Brianna would not have wanted this she worked for peace her whole life and we need to bring peace to the streets and so we will make sure that we can protect people and property and the rights of people to peacefully protest when folks cross that line and no longer peaceful we'll have to make sure that Los Angeles is the city of angels in the city of

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