Washington NFL team says it will retire Redskins name, logo


90 years. Washington D. C is pro football team is retiring the controversial Redskins mascot comas, Bill Swartz remind us of several schools in our state that changed racially offensive sports nicknames. Fight song and logo filled with stereotypes and insensitive words. Washington football team owner Dan Snyder announced the Redskins mascot is being dropped. He and coach Ron Rivera will find an appropriate nickname and logo going forward. Seattle's Nate Burlison played for the Seahawks and is a host on the NFL network. Just about time about time. There's been a lot of pressure on this organization, not just from the players, the fans but also now we know the sponsors, so This is a sport situation. It's a business situation, but more importantly, it's a humanity situation. So I'm glad that they decided to make the change Hall of Fame broadcaster Bob Costas, not a fan of name changes, just a suit political correctness, But the Redskins had to go get yourself a dictionary. By definition. Redskins is an insult sports teams with Native American references date back to the 19 twenties in our state, the state normal school in Jeannie called its teams the savages until 1973 when now Eastern Washington University switched to the Eagles. Seattle you for several decades Homer, the chieftains. Now called the Red Hawks after a push from the Snoqualmie tribe is Aqua High School in 2003 moved from Indians two Eagles While many people have tried Renton High School remains the Indians curator Sarah Sampson, with rentals History Museum says the mascot was originally a tribute to a Duwamish tribal member and an outstanding student athlete Henry Moses. It was quite rare to see a native American playing on a team with all of the white boys. It was very rare, and they obviously did not react well. Toe losing, and so they started calling them the Indians. Henry's teammates took on the name and said, Yeah, where the Indians Moses widow, Christina, wrote a letter to the rent in schools, explaining the source of pride Indians still has for her family and the tribe. I'm

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