Coronavirus: Pac-12 cancels all non-conference games in football, other fall sports


Nonconference football games won't be happening this fall for U. S. C. L. A and the rest of the pack 12 1 of football's greatest annual rivalries won't be happening this year matchup worthy of the glory of the past. It's us see Notre Dame that long time television staple of NBC sports and all other nonconference games in all sports involving Pac 12 teams have been scrapped this year. As the league follows the Big 10 and adjusting to the reality of the Corona virus Outbreak. Commissioner Larry Scott didn't really underscores the need to be a flexible Nimble and not get blocked in any kind of one position. We needed to keep learning and understanding what what was happening until the latest point where we have to make a decision. One way or another. The Trojans also lose a marquee opening weekend matchup in Arlington, Texas, against National Power. Alabama. The Pac 12 says it hopes there will be athletic events this season, but on Li of the virus situation warrants

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