Ross Meets Roger Nygard: The Truth About Marriage


Hello and welcome to Ono Rawson carry the show where we don't just report on for in science, spirituality and claims of the paranormal, but take pride ourselves Yup when they make the claims. We show up, so you don't have to I'm Ross. Blocher Book People Today. We don't have carry with us can't steal it from last week and then put her part. In I guess so. Yeah, we could just keep borrowing that audio. The other person you hearing. Hearing right now. Is None other than Roger Nygaard? If people are panicking right now, where's Gary Yeah Panic I'm sorry, but you know she's done a few episodes without me I've done some so before, too. So vacations are due for everybody. There's precedent for this. Actually. This is relevant to our conversation. Today. Carry is celebrating her anniversary with drew her intended, and we're GONNA. Be Talking about a related topics. We say we royally. We are here with. With Roger Nygaard today who you may remember if you've listened to the entire show, you were the guest for our eighth episode. Eighth Episode Ever Wow if anybody's listening and his listen to every show since then you deserve a medal. Yeah, because a lot of shows, people have, and they deserve medals. Yeah, or at least a merit badge, a ribbon. Yeah, that was back in two thousand eleven when we started and we were talking to you then about. About the nature of existence, a documentary that you had created at that time you were exploring the depths of why we're here. All these deep questions was eighty, four, eighty three. There were a lot of questions. Yeah, I had a somewhere above eighty ninety questions that I asked everybody all my interview subjects, and squeezed it all into one documentary called the nature of existence. My core question, though above all those sub questions was. Why do we exist? What is our purpose here? Why are we supposed to do big topic in I? Set out to solve it and you did age-old existentialist question philosophers have been wrestling with it for centuries and I went out and solved. You didn't give away the answer on that episode, so you still have to watch that documentary. If you want to know the answer, but it's very socratic in that you, the the what I try to do is lead the viewer in a direction, so you can make your own decision or come to a realization on your own without me. Preaching to you, here's the answer well. That's smart. Because I think you were right to resist. Giving it on a silver platter because it doesn't work that way. However, when I made my next documentary, we may talk about today. The truth about marriage at the end I just stood up and said okay. Here's the answer. In case you missed it. Stop everything here. It is, and you did okay, so it's an eighty two minute documentary, the truth about marriage and you do you solve it? You talk to lots of experts and a lot of couples. Trying to think of couples as the correct collective term, yeah couples, but there's some complicated dynamic, because not everybody's relationship is the same. That's not a pejorative yet, but at the end of the documentary. Yes, you do solve it exactly what the truth is about marriage. I didn't know the answer when I sent out and I I become obsessed with what I'm doing wrong way. I'm such a failure. Hold on, you're leading me into interesting conversation and I haven't finished. Finished introducing you yet? We should also say by the way on that episode when we talk you us. I realized that was the first time that carried the name swap. She loves this every down then she decides to claim that she is Ross Blocher and I am thus forced by process of elimination to Declare Myself Carrie poppy. That was the first time she did it. So you're part of a tradition and now I think this'll be episode two hundred fifty. Fifty crime any yeah, podcast thing you have to keep putting him out. Sake, which means we've had all kinds of crazy adventures since we talked to you last heavens Tibet's. You've heard about we've kept. You kept you up today? I've listened I have not listened to all two hundred and fifty, but I've done my share. I won't make a medal for you, but I'm impressed. I really enjoyed though I. Mean when you guys dig into something like scientology and you. You have whole run of confrontations. Yes, let's you do the first one you have to listen to the rest. Like. Where's this going? Oh, good? Okay. That's what we're hoping to get. Young her speaking of Scientology. I have a goldenrod sheet here with some questions from Kerry for you. The aforementioned carry poppy, the aforementioned who is with us in spirit, but is physically withdrew celebrating I should also mention that you've directed many other projects. People know you for trekkies. Documentary star trek fans delved into the world of Star Trek. Everyone wants to understand that better to. There's a truck. He's to trekkies, trekkies two. That's where I cut my teeth on documentary, filmmaking and I didn't realize until just a couple of days ago that you also directed six days in Roswell I produced an edited that film and it's about Roswell. As gathered from the title. We went to Roswell new. Mexico in one, thousand, nine hundred. Hundred Ninety Seven, which was the fiftieth anniversary of the alleged crash of an alien spaceship in Roswell. New Mexico nineteen forty seven s when they had their first gigantic celebration where the town went alien, mad, insane alien. You can get everything from alien beef. Jerky to alien pencils alien beer. They've got museums there and we were there to documented, and all the experts came there. All the you apologists. Yeah, you talked to Stanton. Friedman right right. On our show, we met him. We have him on the show. That films coming out again this year. By the way, is it yeah, my films are being released that I've restored six days in Roswell and suckers suckers about car salesmen. Yeah, okay, well I need to watch both of those, and I may have to talk to you more about you're gonNA love Roswell. Absolutely. When my son and I went on a cross country field trip, we stopped in Roswell. Roswell went to the museum. You know amazing. No, yes, we picked up a little hitchhiker that road along with us in the car. This is crazy. It's great. It's wonderful and then every July fourth weekend. That's when the celebration is. And what better place is there to go? See a July fourth celebration in Roswell New Mexico absolutely just to give some more of your bone afi days. You've also directed an episode of the office. Correct the Bernie Mac show. You've edited for Grey's Anatomy the League whose America veep curb your enthusiasm all the above, guilty, pretty particular.

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