Native rights advocate Suzan Harjo weighs in on R-word end in NFL


This is National Native News Antonio Gonzalez. After a legal battle spanning a quarter of a century, prominent native American rights advocate Suzanne Harjo weighs in on finally seeing the Washington NFL team retire its name and Logo Christine. Trudeau reports in the eighty eight years. The Washington NFL team has passed its name from owner to owner, so to has resistance to the long held slur from generation to generation of native advocates for Susan Harjo it started in nineteen, sixty, two when activists. Activists. Clyde Warrior visited her high school class to speak against the University of Oklahoma's Mascot Little Red and the worst one is the one in the nation's capital. And he taught us how to articulate that issue how to make an argument. How debated in valuable lesson? Harjo carried with her as other sports, mascots of change, starting in Nineteen, seventy with little red, throughout continued actions, leading up to the twenty five year legal battle. Battle to change the Washington NFL team name, each generation in advocates like Amanda Black. Horse and many others have each been crucial to changing the name, but Harjo reminds make no mistake owner Daniel. Snyder decision came down to money with Fedex CEO. Fred Smith threatening to cash in his shares. If the name didn't change, that was the ballgame and he knew that he had no more sean from here, says Harjo. It's only a matter. Matter of time for other Sports Leagues team names to follow suit. We long ready one this as a societal change, we have changed over two-thirds. We changed over two thousand of these offensive slurs and cultural appropriations, and then we have a little less than nine hundred to go. In twenty, fourteen, Harjo was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom I'm Christine, Trudeau this stories, a collaboration with National Native News and the Solutions Journalism Network. To native artists from Wisconsin are among this year's national heritage fellows presented by the National Endowment for the Arts Karen and Hoffman recognized for beadwork and Wayne value senior builds. And Mayer has more wind value. Senior is one of just a handful of master birchbark canoe builders remaining in the Midwest. He's now one of the nine national heritage fellows for two thousand and twenty on award, which honors folk and traditional arts. The Art Forms of that'll known for. They don't belong to me. The knowledge belongs to that's one of the reasons why I won. The award I guess is because. I've been sharing this. This canoe culture and communities throughout the Mid West since one thousand, nine, hundred eighty two heritage fellowships have been won by icons like blues. Man Bb King Says Cliff Murphy of the National Endowment for the arts. It is intended as the highest honour in the folk and traditional arts bestowed by the by the United States. Government Murphy points out. Value seeks to teach canoe building. We'll teaching traditional language skills and. And ways of life, he brings young people into the process alert how to make as in the process they're learning about all of these things that are so important to the life ways identity identity in sacred practices of this community value says he's working on another canoe now with an apprentice will soon become a master canoe builder himself if my life work if I can teach one person to carry this forward. That I know that this jet that it'll live at least one more generation for national native news I'm Ben Mayer in northern Wisconsin Demand Tony,

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