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Patient appointment, but has to stay overnight. That neighbors welcome to stay at Fisher host again at no cost because he's bringing that veteran down and taking that veteran back home. So we want to care for those people where l sit hearing for our heroes, and so how many families at one time do you have at the house? You know, he talked about four or five people in one room. Did you say so? How many rooms then or what's your capacity? Sure. So we have a 16 Sweet house. With the 16 sweet We have a common kitchen. Come in dining room come in Family room. Those common rooms actually provide the connection that families often feel when they come to Fisher House s O. The house is designed to be a very home like environment. We try not to make it like a hotel or like Um, hospital setting, so we wanted to be comfortable for the families for staying there. Well, we heard a very emotional story from Tiffany Spore in the last segment. About what the Ronald McDonald houses meant to her and her family. So when we come back, we'll learn how the Fisher House has made an impact on the community and the families that now all this community, their home will be back in a moment.

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