Polls show Trump is losing to Joe Biden


President trump, Joe Biden, spurring the economy, one of the areas where president trump still holds an advantage over Joe Biden. Let's talk about the race now on our roundtable joined by Chris Christie. RAHM Emanuel. Amanda Carpenter former top staffer for Republican Senators Ted Cruz and Jim Demint now congress at the Bulwark Anzor, Lena Maxwell senior director progressive programming for Sirius Xm author of the end of white politics. Welcome to all of you and Ramleh me begin with you Joe. Biden has about a nine point lead in national polls right now, leading in all the battleground states some Democrats. Now talking about going into George going into Texas, is that overconfidence. yes, and no I think on the straight point I always think. You have right now. Don't get confused with the national polls. They are very very good, but while he is the vice president is up in the battleground states. I would right now number one goal secure those top battleground states before you expand the field. Keep your eye on those opportunities that approach and I. Think Right now I wouldn't spiked the ball on the twenty yard line we. We know what happened. In Two thousand sixteen focus right now on securing Michigan Pennsylvania Wisconsin Arizona. Florida the in North Carolina. That's what I would do, and then look strategically about which of those opportunities right now you have an election. George were the American. People basically want a president who solves problems and not be the source of problems, and that's the Opportunity Democrats have right now.

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