Kim Kardashian West sells stake in beauty brand for $200M


According to Monday report by the Financial Times Kim Kardashian. West just snagged a big deal for her beauty brand earlier this month, Global Beatty Company cody disclosed it was in talks with Kim over potential collaboration for the beatty line is now being reported that cody has agreed to actually buy a twenty percent stake in the reality. TV Stars Makeup Brand Katie W. for two hundred million dollars. The deal now values West Cosmetic, company at one billion. And basically cody said Monday that expects the acquisition to be completed third quarter, and that all the products will be sold through luxury beauty retailers as well as online. The partnership comes just a few months after cody locked in a six hundred million dollar deal with Kim Kardashian, little sister Kylie Jenner also with TMZ Kim said quote. This relationship Allama, focus on the creative elements that I'm so passionate about or benefiting from the incredible resources of cody and launching my products around the world.

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