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On Friday. Joey joins us on game time decisions yet. I think he'd be more suited for for this show and be honest. I think you'd be more suited for the late night show it's entering. I think he dropped an F bomb on the show last week on game time decisions, I think But on the plus side on the plus side madness, there's gonna be no editing needed by Yang. At least, um Matt has kept the call relatively clean there, which was was pretty good. I hope that we could say the same thing about Tony Thin. Tony Fenn Wager talk. Who knows with Tony and the guys probably going to be drunk on tequila like mescal or something like that. But Tony is a great Andy capper, especially baseball. So look forward to some. Antony's baseball takes We're still waiting on National Hockey League hub City's yet if you remember last week I brought up You've got to believe that the reason why that they haven't announced the hub city's yet isn't because they can't find they can't find cities. It's because I think they're they're leaving Las Vegas. You know, I never believed people like Aw, don't slam dunk. Why? Because you say so. I

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