India blocks TikTok and 58 other Chinese apps citing national security concerns


India is banning dozens of Chinese APPS, including Tiktok some say it's retaliation. The move comes after twenty. Indian soldiers died in a clash with Chinese soldiers at a contentious border in the Himalayan mountains, but a senior Indian official told The Wall Street Journal that the APPS may have been used to harm the country's Defence Sector Wall Street Journal reporter Sean Lee has more. It's a huge deal. Because India is a very large market for tech companies in general and also specifically for Chinese tech companies for many of them, for example by Dan's, which is the owner of the very popular short video APP. Talk India is the biggest market for talk after. A lot of Chinese. Tech companies have found a lot of success in India. A lot of them invest in Indian startups, and they've accelerated that in the last few years, speaking of national security concerns and China the National Security Council and a number of other us. Agencies are lobbying European allies to oppose new tech, a Chinese company that makes security screening equipment a reporter Cato. KIEF has more the first. First concern is on national security grounds, because obviously this type of equipment can have access to a lot of both personal and business data, and so the US is concerned that with Chinese state-backed entity potentially having access to all that data that they could feed that back to the Chinese government, and that could create a national security concern, and the second issue is more on a commercial basis new tech. Tech has been winning tons of contracts because their prices are super low. The US says that's because they're heavy subsidies from the Chinese government, and along the way there, then driving a bunch of US competitors to the brink, because they're unable to to compete on price, you know it's a commercial concern that really you know new tackle be the only company left providing this equipment

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