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How to Avoid Financial Regrets


Take charge while glad to be back with you. I have definitely missed you. We've got some callers that are on the line that have some real world questions and guess what we're GonNa die and we're going to talk about him. but as always you know I love to kick off with doing some research right? I get up each morning to kind of peruse all the news media and try to find some stories that are relevant and pertinent to us right here in. In our group and so I. I love that you all are doing the same if you do run across an article that you think we need to discuss or that might somehow get my one hair on my head to stand up and get me riled up I. Want you to send it to me right? The email addresses ask Chris Hogan three sixty dot com fired on over here. Put in the subject line article and we'll see if it makes the cut well. This article jumped out at me because it was talking about millennials and money. In fact, this is an article from four and the title of it is millennials and money what they regret most. Now I? Listen you know I it's funny. How in the time and age that you're in whatever age group is youngest seems to catch the brunt of. Let's say the more seasoned people's opinions right like people love to talk, smack about millennials. They just do they. You know they just say you know millennials walking around and flip flops and t shirts, and just plop PLOP PLOP, and all over the place, and they'll work hard and not focus. They're not serious and I I gotTa tell you that's not. That's incorrect. I, don't know what millennials you're hanging around. Around with, but I work with some rock stars are nothing like this, and so I wanted to kind of preface this that this is not Hogan jumping all millennials because I I love I I'll I nor the hard working ones that are very intentional with what they're doing, but I wanted to share this with you because today we're gonNA. Talk about some common money regrets that millennials have and we all have money regrets. Don't don't even you know Get that twisted because we do. This. One just focuses on millennials, so we're not. Not hate normal in yours. We're just talking about it, 'cause we've all done our sheriff soup. It don't care what age group you're from traditionalist to baby boomers Gen, Y Gen Z. Element of p all the rest of them. We've all done some stupid money, but this one. It's based on a recent survey of one thousand millennials millennials now for definition purposes, millennials are adults born between the years of nineteen eighty to nineteen, ninety six. Okay, now I. Know this whole like time of birth, and all this it tends to like. Sway right because some. Some of you are like who barely made it I'm still a millennial. Others are like I missed it. I'm not a millennial. Let's it doesn't matter just an age right, but the survey was conducted by college finance, and I'm only going to share a few of the stats with your, but of course we'll put the Lincoln. You can read a Khazar tons of other stats, but we're going to focus on two of the main regrets that millennials have according to this research. Regret number. One millennials wished they'd been smarter about paying for College Raw. Ninety percent of respondents said they didn't understand the terms of their student loan when they signed the dotted line. How ma'am eighty four percent said they borrowed more than they needed. Seventy percent seventy. percent. Open multiple credit cards while in school. Fifty two percent said it was a mistake to not work in college. Wow. You know what I've heard. All of those from people over the years. All of those all right, let's go on. Regret number, two career and cost of living miscalculations. Eighty eight percent said they did not save enough. Early. In their working years eighty eight percent eighty six percent said they accrued credit card debt. Eighty. One percent said they did not have a plan. eighty-one percent. Eight out of ten VIP's said that they were living paycheck to paycheck. And seventy seven percent did not contribute to a retirement fund. You know. It you you hear these statistics, and and it's it's eye-popping. Right and we hear these go might cost. Let's loose percentages are hi I'm GonNa? Tell you something. I think we could walk through whatever decade or or title or years of people and I think the numbers would be similar. And? The reality is that we've all. Made mistakes with money, and it's so easy to glance back and look at everything in this twenty twenty vision to be aware what's more difficult is to focus forward and develop a plan on how you're GONNA. Fix it or begin the process of renewing what it is. You want why you want it. What I WANNA do is I want to encourage all of us out there? millennials? Jin Z. Gen Y.. Traditionalist Baby. We're all of us to realize that we can choose progress. We can't focus on our daily effort and take steps to move forward, and you know as I tell people. It's not about where you come from. It's where you're going. And a lot of us are coming from some financial stupid. Some financial mistakes some things. We wish we could have done over where we get an opportunity. Opportunity to start new each day so I want you to stay focused as well as not finished as always will put a link to this article in the show notes those of you that are watching on Youtube. Just click the link right below, and it'll get you right to it. Wow, that's I opening, but the reality is that we have all been

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