2020 Top 10 Films So Far (Special Episode) - burst 17


It's way too hot out here in LAS, Vegas I don't WanNa leave the house, so I'm GonNa. Lock myself and get it all done while it's too damn hot, and so that means there might be only four episodes. Episodes of the month of July of piecing it together, but you know it would be to an eight a month. At least the last few months I'm sure there's one or two that you haven't listened to yet so good. Check those out. Check out those other podcasts I was plugging. Go check out all of them, and there'll still be plenty of piecing it together to listen to you and I'm sure we'll be back to. The usual way too many episodes coming soon enough, but thank you as always for listening. Thanks for the support and enjoy this track. It will be out later this year. All points West production produced by David Rosen in

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