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Americans are very selective about who they put in that job.


Fine, Rob. I hope you are too I am sir, I am excellent. Listen, A lot of my radio audience has been telling me this president doesn't want to get re elected. That's why he's not really on the attack mode. Ah, and also, you know, he just pretty much is I've going to let this one be phoned in and move on. But then I have said time and time again. He's a competitor. I just don't believe that no matter what anyone tries to tell me and I saw today the story trending very early in the seven o'clock, eight o'clock hour, something like that on my smartphone that The Trump administration. The campaign is going to sue 67 counties in Pennsylvania first. What do you make of that on these mail in ballots, and what do you make of mail in balance? And is there something for the president to be concerned about? So go ahead, sir. Well, that's a broad canvas. Never one thing I've learned in politics over the years that, uh, someone who gets elected to a position wants to get reelected to it on. It doesn't matter whether it's the State House. Judge or the president of the United States, so I would not concern myself with this president. Just taking a pass this fall and just letting it happen. He's got too much going. His pride is too great. His support it is, you know that the minimum is run 40% on DH, So you know, he's he's running for reelection. And every make every movie Mason is evident to that. They've got a lot on his plate. Let's not forget between the virus and foreign affairs. Domestic affairs. Um this is a It's a terrible job to be getting that, But when you add all of these things that are in your control and things that aren't in your control, it's just terrible trying to try and run. It's hard. It's not an easy job. And and that's why

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