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A comedy legend who made people


A comedy legend who made people laugh for 70 years has died. CBSS Steve Caitlin looks back at an amazing entertainment career. Carl Reiner. He did it all. He was an Emmy winning actor, director and writer. Briner created the Dick Van Dyke show and started the vein boss, Alan Brady. Where's the adoration that usually greets me when I run into a room, Alan, you know, I felt these people are supposed to be my friends. The little people. Reiner and Mel Brooks gave us the 2000 year old man's ER. Is it true that you are 2000 years old? Oh, boy. Among his movie credits the Jerk with Steve Martin. They're here. Carl Reiner was 98 years old Steve Caven, CBS news actor director, Rob Reiner tweeted. His heart is hurting over the death of his father, calling him his guiding light. Time on the round up seven minutes past the hour

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