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Nobody's got time for anybody


There are Darren Aronofsky, Denis Villeneuve and Christopher Nolan. None of them allow anyone to have cellphones on their set, which I get because you don't want leaks or whatever right and also someone forgot to turn it off. And it's so many people's jobs and So in an says so they're talking about directors, you know, don't like cellphones. And then she says, Well, you know, Chris, meaning Christopher Nolan, right, also doesn't allow chairs. I wish isn't twice just think about it, and he doesn't allow those chairs in his reasoning is, Oh, yeah, This sounds like my grandpa if you have chairs, people said, and if their city and they're not working any as he's incredible movies in terms of scope ambitions, this is Anne Hathaway talking. It always arrives at the end under schedule and under budget, So I guess he's on to something with the chair thing. And then Hugh Jackman just complements her for your name dropping Christopher Nolan twice, but I find That to be just a strange Ah, controlling a controlling thing. Plenty of people do their best work while seated. I get what I guess I think that it just seems like a W t f 100%. Yeah, 100 people. Yeah, like of a female director did that That story would be out there and should be shamed to hear to kingdom come Chase Lounge is at that exact right. All right. Listen right back dirt alert. We work hard, all their lives. So at some point we can retire or slow down a bit. But for John, settling into the good life came with a nasty surprise. Yeah, I was power launching it before I knew it. My pants have gotten tighter.

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