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S1E160: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 06/30/20 - burst 085


So this is these are the countries that are in the European Union. That decided to do this so if you're looking to travel to any of those. Countries. You're not going to be able to do that right now. Also still there is a ban. On the past if you aren't fine. Ones Right now. You're looking for one to be renewed. You had to have it in like march or something like that. In Georgia is a country that was an used to be in the. Soviet Union. Russia yet. So okay, so that's for that all. Sitting, home los any and You know you're not have different strong opinions about the cocoa. But. Here's the deal. When New York New Jersey Pennsylvania was the epicenter of the cocoa. The rest of the country unfortunately and I do agree with politics. Do have a lot to do with this. That's why I said we needed to. We have too many freedoms, but we needed that Kim Jong Own Philosophy Karatas. The rest of the country, this didn't take it serious. People would dying in New York every day and people in Florida in Texas and California was still wanting to go to the beach. Had this shutdown in a shutdown too late, and they opened up too early and now we have more couple of hours now that we did it everywhere. But not on this part of the country. In another part of the country. That's why I keep saying to. Since the United States is banned from some of these. European Union countries that right. So no constitutionally, we can't say you'll Texas you come to New York, but this is drastic measures now. Not. Really think that we should ban everyone from any part of this any states that affection weeks a higher I think they should just stay. Please

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