Season 10 Episode 21: An Open Letter to Shitty Husbands - burst 02



Admit like I feel like usually like the pride parade is something were to every year and today. When we record this Sunday, the episode goes out on Tuesday seacrest by here a little bit of a lag between what's happening real time, but we try to keep it as close as possible to. Give give you guys the day by day. What's happening? But yeah, just thinking about pride today like this is normally the Sunday parade in San, Francisco, like it's in different cities on different days, but it's all in June and yeah, just a little teary, I pulled up an old photo of you and I from fried from like twenty seventeen so I. Remember that photo if you've been following us on instagram. Julie pulled up this photo. And what makes it so memorable? Is that I just got Mojo over I had just gotten him like the week. Week before or something, he was really scared of people and it was like. Hey, let's take you to a pride parade with thousands of people, but yes, I agree there's just like for for us at work. We did a virtual pride parade, but it's not the same because you still want the atmosphere that energy like is just not the same over zoom or facebook live so I get it. It's like I think this week has really set in for me that the rest of twenty twenty might just look like this. I don't I've already accepted that. Definitely already accepted that, but I did find this quote, and then put up on instagram so and I loved your story that you put up. Yes. That was really way. We're trying to hit it from all angles skies. This quote actually found the reason. Why really liked it? Because it? Also I'm not trying to detract from pride at all, but economy think about like black lives matter to going on there, but the quote is gay. Pride was not born of a need to celebrate being gay, but our right to exist without persecution, so instead of wondering why there isn't a straight pride movement. Be Thankful you don't need one

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