This much money like re away, you know? Follow me


Today. It is a disaster. If the stock market went up 30% because of Trump's tax cuts, and we revert them, then it's worth 30% right now. Until we digest that. Can we punk this much money like re away, you know? Follow me into the system between now on the market. Sorry. Let me rephrase it. I agree with you. I agree that Biden is a huge risk for big attack. Antitrust UV I corporate corporate profit margin shrinkage old totally get it. Will the market be able? Does the market you could get that over the face like a sledgehammer? If prices that in a four cent and just living with just money falling all over itself between now and my fudge Im Robles. Do we actually have to wait like the second week in November? I grew up on the context of that risk to the market in 45 but anything go down before the market catches a sledge hammer in the face. Just to let you know we got about a minute. I didn't take up the time and I know that, you know, it's great conversation. I I think we probably have about a month. I think we probably have about a month. That's that's my guests on that. Got it? We're gonna levitate like magic on this on this m too, until the market until your perception of the markets behavioral psychology lead you to believe. That this flood havejust come in, and in a month is too hard to ignore. With the election just that close upon. Yep, That's what I think.

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