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Antonelli. W B Z Boston's News Radio 7 43 time for traffic and weather together


Open through that area, so that provides Ah, good alternate elsewhere. Things are pretty good Rush hour's plenty over with now. The expressways wide open. No more than 12 minutes between the tunnels and the Braintree split. Ruth three, which run the South shores. Just find that lower stretch of 1 20 eights. Good down through need him and dead. Um, no issues there. Things were good up north. 1 28 North, a 30 minute drive from the pike up to room. One empty body was really nothing in your way route ones. All clear. 93 is good across the state line. Into Salem, New Hampshire downtown. Not seeing any delays. The lower deck there's a Cambridge the airport tunnels all check out, okay, and the mass turned bike is Yip Trouble. Frias. Well miking with W. B. C's traffic on the three. Well taken. Thank you, Mike. And for the rest of the night, there is a good chance if you're heading out about especially Right now, through parts of southern New Hampshire and also parts of Worcester County along route to and 1 90

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