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Tell you the most informed person on planet Earth when it comes to the threats that we face.


Uses them to discuss what he's doing in office Courts have been consistent and ruling deleting or blocking his censorship up in New York, the federal courts ruled that President Trump could not block individuals with whom he disagreed. The suit makes clear Gael has the absolute right to say whatever he wants. They're not challenging his comments but rather his blocking in the leading people on his accounts. Jail, calls the suit a totally frivolous political stunt at the suburban bureau Jim Mel Work convertible you news radio. But George says the former Atlanta police officer who fatally shot Rachel Brooks can be free on bond while his case is pending. Judge today set a bond of $500,000 for Garrett Rolfe, who faces charges that include felony murder in the killing of the 27 year old black man roll fatally shot Brooks in the back when Brooks fired a

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