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Have opened across Russia in a vote, which could have ramifications for years to come, despite once saying he would never change the constitution. Vladimir Putin has asked the people to approve just that. There is a massive get out the vote effort, with local governments offering raffles and cash prizes in an attempt to increase the turnout in what you can argue might be a plebiscite or it might be a referendum in any case among the amendments. The crucial thing is a proposal to allow the criminal leader to extend His rule for years. Basically, it's a term limit issue. The critics dismissed the voters a fast saying it's rigged from the beginning. Moscow correspondent Steve Rosenberg reports on the most contentious and curious plebiscite. In modern Russian history. Richard you Moscow polling station 3079 Valentina shows me Her scratch cards. Polish Oprah Gustavo Valentina runs the polling station, but she sounds more like a game show host. Everyone who votes on the new constitution gets a card, she says. You can win points and then prizes at the supermarket. Recently one Russian voter one apartment, the lucky scratch card holder was a local election official. Funny that points make prizes, but they don't necessarily deliver a free and fair vote this week long plebiscite. It was designed to produce only one really winner. Virginia Beach, Vladimir Putin come on down.

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