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Viral is a video of a mother in Margate, Florida who didn't quite make it into the birth center to have her baby ring. Doorbell recorded the whole scene with the special package being delivered outside Dad had called moments before, so the midwife was ready rubber gloves and all. She caught the baby like a basketball pro. Weaving in and out of Mama's legs. She stood in shock. The natural birth work center got permission from Susan Anderson to post her birth video to Facebook. Mom and daughter Julia are doing fine. Jennifer Brown. CBS NEWS Rhode Island residents can now sect a select a gender neutral designation on their driver's license. Governor Gina Raimondo says the new gender option will appear on state driver's licenses as an X the move to allow those designations the lines Rhode Island when neighbors Connecticut and Massachusetts and several other states We'll rake off CBS News. I'm Jeff Ash. Philadelphia officials have postponed resuming some activities that have been shut down by the cove it 19 pandemic because new cases of the virus or no longer decreasing in the city. Table W. City Hall bureau chief Pat Lobe Report. Indoor dining and Jim's will now remain shut down until August 1st, unless city officials Seymour progress against the virus. Health Commissioner Tom Farley points out. It's impossible to eat and drink in a restaurant and keep a mask on, and Jim's vigorous physical activity causes you to breathe fast puts people nearby at risk. There's no one is more interesting exercise than us here of health, but we encourage people to get their exercise outdoors. Charlie says activities outdoors and wear masks can be enforced, will be allowed to reopen Friday, including shopping malls, libraries and museums. Farley says the decision was difficult but necessary because the city failed to meet the target for a decrease in the number of new cases. He says the increasing new cases are in a younger group strongly related to travel to the shore. What we're hearing is many people living together and of each house or socialising together at bars restaurants, he

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