Private Party & Greatest Referees - burst 3



Chris Jericho's podcast. I mean there's a lot of people that wouldn't agree because she. She mentioned that she would never have want to work in the WWE, because you can't be character in a wwe, you know a lot of people would say that that goes against being referee, but you know that's how people take. Let's there's no right or wrong answers here, but Tommy we are getting a lot of similar names on every list which I find very very interesting. Let's go out to Jerry Enrichment Jerry. WHO's on your mount? Rushmore referees. Chummy Young of course. He was in his area. Charles Robinson because the man has plunged seventy like no one else. Earl hefner. Personal favourite. And a sleeper pick would be from world class David Manning, and if I may an honorable mention gone before his time, Joseph Morella. Yes. You're right Joseph Morella. Gone before his time. Thank you, jared I believe he. He passed away in a car accident. Correct Tommy. Yes, and Jersey Turnpike Yeah Yeah. Joe Morello was a fabulous referee. Dave now, also gonNA. We're just going to like top. We got it. If you'RE GONNA stick to your Mount Rushmore we're getting. People are going the Tommy Dreamer out with honorable mentions. There's only four on that Mount Rushmore. There's not like a fifth person hiking up that mountain or rock climbing up that mountain. You gotta just go all right. I'm going to set the rules right here. Tommy You gotta give us only four and

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