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NYPD officers are looking for who did it. Police say when the shooting started on East 29 Street just before 10 p.m. The boy thought somebody was setting off fireworks until the pain set in, and he was taken to a hospital they expected to recover. Police say officers did take someone in the custody, but not for the shooting. Well. New York City Council passed a budget Tuesday after the mayor proposes priorities for the next fiscal year. The city's spending plan calls for the NYPD to reduce its expenses by $1 billion plus another $500 million in capital outlays for a total of 1.5 billion. That includes the canceling of the next class of more than 1000 recruits at the Police Academy, the mayor explaining how they did the cutting. Some is sure headcount reduction. Some is reduction in overtime money that will not be spent. Some is shifting functions to free up officers to do other work. For example, school safety officers are being moved from the NYPD E and will now be under the Department of Education. And vendor and homeless enforcement is also being shifted away from the police and the mayor said hundreds of millions will now be spent on hard hit communities, Family and social services, education and over

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