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Health care. That's what the next Corona virus relief bill will focus on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell confirming today. It'll also be the last one senators will get to work on it in late July after they get back from the holiday break, and Caltrans officials say they signed a contract with Express West for a high speed train. The Las Vegas just ahead the handoff to the Pat Walsh. Oh, now, traffic and weather together. Here's Bob Williams. Thank you. Give me this report is brought by Save Mart didn't reports of a non injury hit Run North found 99 Central Gulf exit. Also some shelving or framing something like that in the number two late along with some glass. This is birth down 99 j. Speed off. I could make a bit of a mess and definitely no Shorten the life of your tires to say the least still seeking set down the garden highway from Levy Project. This is between Gateway Oaks drive and trucks, the road and we're going to see a lot of work tonight on the north bound in South Bound I five from the Florida areas, Tours, L growth and also North and south on 99 between about again foreign wrote port cell growth and golf. We'll

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