Having relations with a football out there, right? And Rick Kendrick really said that


So, Yeah, it's going to the space station that's on the list. Really? Yeah. Yeah. Four days of thunder. Ryan McGee, who wrote the 30th anniversary of Days of Thunder sticking out on ESPN dot com. Follow him on Twitter at ESPN. McGee and checking out Marty McGee. 7 a.m. Eastern, on Saturdays here with us on ESPN Radio Myra Metcalf in for Freddie Coleman on me and Fitz Simmons before we turn you loose. You have to tell the story about what they did to the Hilton in your hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, and John C. Reilly's reaction. Because he was just a young but back then, I mean, this was well before, you know, Boogie nights and whatnot. What hotel and his reaction to watching what they did to that hotel. No Rick Hendrick. Someone told him, he said. He said the the university health, which is kind of the go to hotel. For people who live like in the shop. North Charlotte area were Charlotte Speedway is and Hendrick Motor sports All that Hey,

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