AEE 1392: The Mother of All Episodes On How to Make Something Big in English


Native phrase to show the scale of something. Make people hear your point of view. Hey Lindsay. How's it going? It's going pretty well. It's going pretty well. How about you? What's what's happening? On not too much, not too much. Oh my Gosh! I had the mother of all pizzas the other day. Are you, saying that was a big pizza or an intense pizza or like it was leave rovers. It was just the best pizza ever. Oh, that's awesome. Oh, that makes me think of the ice cream. Sundaes they used to have it friendly's as a kid. Did you have friendlies? In New Jersey growing auto? You grew up in Maryland, so yeah. Yeah! We had friendly's yeah. Okay, so we used so. That's only on the east coast, though friendly's is a chain that doesn't exist in the Midwest or. Yeah I, so but they're known for their ice cream. Sundaes and we used to go and get the mother of all ice cream Sundaes. The super, the super and it was huge, and we would get that with our friends in high school. I mean there were like three things to do in our town. Get Ice Cream movie. Yeah Yeah, so if I said the mother of all pizzas, it's like Oh, my gosh, the most intense, delicious extreme right. Yeah, so yeah. That is a way to to express it so. We're GONNA be talking about this phrase. The mother of all blink today. Lindy do use this expression. So this is interesting. I used to use this more so this is a phrase that I remember hearing a lot more in the nineties. Actually the now so I. Think this phrase at this point might be a little bit on the dated side, but you might still hear it. Higher remember using this kind of in high school middle school to express something being huge. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I don't know I. Mean for me I feel like I. Still you definitely would hear it. I can't remember where I heard this phrase, but I heard it recently and I said I have to do this one, so it will, it will come ACTU- at some point, but yeah. You know you'll have to. You'll have to see what kinds of things you hear when you listen to people speaking English. For sure yeah, I mean it's interesting, so we know that you know you'll. Different phrases come from different languages, and we've seen online guys that we think that this may come from Arabic and it's really interesting for us because we like to know where phrases come from, so let us know, chime in if you speak, Arabic let us know if you have this phrase in language It's Kinda cool. English can be a big mix of different languages. It's fascinating. I love it I. Love when I hear you know I've had students tell me Oh, certain phrases, though they have that in their language and this and that so it's interesting how we can you know? Get things from each other different words, but also idioms as well. Yes, super, super interesting, while, but Michelle before we go into this anymore I do want to say. Thank you to some of our listeners who have reviewed us on the show. Is that okay? Does that sound that sounds more than okay Lindsay okay to hear it all right, so thank you to let's see then. Why are I two to three from the US Sherwin from China Nausori twenty two from the US. By Dodd Kion from the US Zhao Han from the US Mohammadreza Alisa from the US and someone from Russia cool six nine from the US Eduardo Lopez from the in the US interesting Michelle. Hassan Garvey del from Iran. Guys, let us know what you think of the show. Go and leave us a review because we want to read your name out loud. Thank you for these reviews is a great reviews Michelle. Awesome thank you very much. It means so much to us. We really appreciate it. Yeah, really good stuff. Really good style all right. Let's dive back into it, so yes, oh, gosh, this phrase, the mother of all I mean Lindsey our listeners. You're never gonNA. See this phrase your textbook. No way no way, guys. We try to get away from textbook learning because are so limited right I mean. We want to bring you the real English, so this is not a textbook phrase Michelle. No no, no exactly so. Yeah, this the mother of all something right? Yeah, basically something super extreme over amazing super something right so let's do a few examples, so the first one is this. Is the mother of all delicious food. Yeah, or we had the mother of all arguments last night, a boys, no big possible argument. Yeah, something really got really big. Okay? What else Michelle or this is the mother of all job interviews for me I'm so nervous. Yeah, okay, so just indicating that something is huge for you or in your mind. Right right exactly exactly, and this is a really helpful way to add color tear English so instead of saying something very or extreme right like Oh, this bakery is very good. This is so much more interesting to say. Oh, it's the mother of all different food. It's just bring so much more to the connection here. I'm using a very. It's a very natural phrase, and it doesn't make. Something's on sound very. Raided, so that's that's important to know as well. Yeah, but we do exaggerate in the US A lot, right yes! We light and we've done episodes on. This guy is that we like to make our huge I. Don't know why that's the truth. Maybe there's just so much noise out there. We have to be heard. But by am. Very American thing, yeah! Right right and Lindsey, I feel like this phrase can be used for both positive things and negative things like the baker is the mother of delicious of all delicious food. Well, that's clearly positive.

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