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Las Cruces Bowling Alley Massacre /// Part 1 /// 409


Win Biran? For all of our old episodes download the stitcher app a day are free and check out our bonus. Show caught off the record and colonel. That's enough of the be as all right. Everybody gathered around grabbed share. Grab a beer. Let's talk some true crime. Talk! Shutdown folio we were. Okay. Curve. Is Bowl. Okay On Her Unconscious, you heard okay. We can't even the scrolling. Please okay. Please hurry. Shut him did. Did you see. Before? They get down. They shot him five times okay. WE'LL! Listen you hang on? Take a deeper. Rows. Were her one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, seven were. Think? Her. K. Melissa. Okay Melissa I'm trying to. And I've got the police officers in route healthy with she just shortly. Okay you didn't see with gaining among American. What any kind of the men were wearing or anything home. Nothing, they just walked here. Do, you know Bragman plane crashing. Two black men. Okay. Blackmail. Okay it's Okay Melissa fire to there's a fine. TESCO come. Up. Here I don't feel you don't know. Me Office put you in the office. Yes, I did fire tell. We. Okay Melissa. She said they locked him in the office. Or not. Going to fire. AMADOR yeah. Melissa I see it. Can't get fired. He had you smell smoke and. Income Fire. Don't try again Okay Melissa. Can I go. To One, Okay, militia! We got him come in and we got him coming for. Okay Melissa. There's a police officer there now, okay? He's going to try and find you. Thirty three, traffic. God okay. We cut NBA. down. The, Street By all seven her shot there in there in the office whereas the office. Any. More writing the girls. Okay. Go in. I think right right there. Okay APP. Given directions on how to get to you. The police officers into their. Coq. Melissa we've got them rolling. Okay you'd be be. Brave gotta be strong now. Okay okay. I'm glad this. Burden slate now, okay? Can you see flames? Okay. Okay oh I got brought to my pink. Couldn't shake. My? Head. Authors chilling out. The police.

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